Acid-Resistant HPMC Capsules

Enhance your product range with our acid-resistant HPMC capsules.

Acid-Resistant HPMC Capsules: The Plant-Based Solution with Enhanced Protection

Acid-Resistant HPMC (Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose) capsules are a plant-based alternative to traditional gelatin capsules, designed to withstand stomach acid. These capsules are ideal for protecting probiotics, enzymes and other sensitive ingredients.

Distinct Advantages of Acid-Resistant HPMC Capsules

Acid-Resistant HPMC capsules are particularly effective for acid-sensitive and moisture-sensitive ingredients, enhancing stability and shelf-life. Their non-animal origin makes them a preferred choice for consumers with dietary restrictions or ethical concerns. Furthermore, these capsules ensure consistent and predictable dissolution, safeguarding the release and absorption of active ingredients in the intestinal tract.

Standard Stock Acid-Resistant HPMC Capsules

Our standard stock capsules are available for immediate dispatch from our own warehouse.

Size Units per carton Colors
00 70’000 Transparent
0 100’000 Transparent
1 125’000 Transparent

Quick Facts

  • Derived from 100% vegetable material.
  • HPMC starting material is FSC certified.
  • Suitable for sensitive ingredients requiring protection from stomach acid.
  • Tasteless and odorless, ensuring consumer comfort.

Manufacturer Quality Certifications

  • cGMP
  • FSSC22000
  • ISO9001

Silvaco: Your Trusted Supplier of Acid-Resistant HPMC Capsules

As a professional supplier, Silvaco offers high-quality, plant-based capsule solutions tailored for the food supplement and pharmaceutical industries. Our expertise in sourcing and supplying specialized capsules ensures clients receive products that meet specific market demands.

Versatility of Acid-Resistant HPMC Capsules

Our Acid-Resistant HPMC capsules ability to accommodate a wide range of formulations, including hydrophilic and hydrophobic compounds, underscores their versatility. This flexibility benefits manufacturers aiming to meet diverse consumer preferences and formulation requirements.

Ensuring Quality and Compliance

Our Acid-Resistant HPMC capsules adhere to stringent international quality standards, including cGMP, ensuring safety and suitability for a wide range of applications.