Bovine Gelatin Capsules

Maximize quality and value with our cost-effective bovine gelatin capsules.

Bovine Gelatin Capsules: A Cornerstone in Health Supplement Delivery

Gelatin capsules, especially those made from high-grade bovine sources, have become increasingly popular in the health supplement industry. Their safety, versatility, and cost-effectiveness make them an ideal solution for a wide range of supplement applications. Their compatibility with various filling machines and their consumer-friendly attributes like being tasteless and odorless contribute significantly to their popularity.

Standard Stock Bovine Gelatin Capsules

Our standard stock capsules are available for immediate dispatch from our own warehouse.

Size Units per carton Colors
000 50’000 Transparent
00 70’000 Transparent
0 100’000 Transparent
1 125’000 Transparent

Other variations are available upon request.

Quick Facts

  • Produced only from bovine gelatine with CoS certificates.
  • Tasteless and odorless.

Manufacturer Quality Certifications

  • cGMP
  • BRC Food Safety
  • ISO9001
  • ISO14001
  • ISO17025
  • ISO45001

Key Benefits of Choosing Bovine Gelatin Capsules

Bovine gelatin capsules offer numerous advantages for the food supplement industry, providing an ideal balance between quality and cost-effectiveness. Their tasteless and odorless nature enhances consumer compliance, making them easy to swallow.

Another significant benefit is their superior machinability – these capsules are well-suited for high-speed filling machines, ensuring efficient production without sacrificing quality. This feature is particularly valuable for large-scale manufacturing, where consistency and speed are crucial.

dditionally, bovine gelatin capsules are highly customizable in terms of color, shape, or size, allowing manufacturers to cater to the specific needs of their target market, all while maintaining budget-friendly options.

They also provide a wide range of release profiles, accommodating a broad spectrum of active substances.

The combination of versatility, economic advantage, and superior machinability makes bovine gelatin capsules highly suitable for a variety of supplement formulations, offering exceptional value for both manufacturers and consumers.

Choosing the Right Supplier for Gelatin Capsules

Selecting a reliable supplier like Silvaco is crucial when sourcing bovine gelatin capsules. Silvaco offers a comprehensive range of capsule sizes, ensuring that manufacturers have access to high-quality products for their specific needs. By partnering with a reputable distributor, businesses can be assured of receiving the highest quality capsules, compliant with all regulatory standards, for their manufacturing requirements.

Regulatory Compliance of Gelatin Capsules

Adherence to international regulatory standards such as cGMP, BRC and, HACCP is crucial for bovine gelatin capsules. Compliance with these standards ensures that the capsules are safe and effective for global distribution in the supplement market.