Hard Capsules

Hard capsules are the cost-effective choice for your powdered and granulated ingredients.

The dietary supplement market is a broad spectrum with different forms catering to various consumer preferences and formulation requirements. Among these, hard capsules stand as a significant choice for both manufacturers and consumers due to their precision, convenience, and versatility.

Suitable Ingredients for Hard Capsules

Hard capsules are a versatile option, accommodating a wide range of supplement forms.

Powdered supplements

They are ideal for encapsulating powdered nutrients and herbal extracts.

Granulated substances

Hard capsules can efficiently house granulated materials, ensuring precise dosages.

Pelletized forms

They also cater to pelletized forms of supplements, providing a uniform delivery system.

For liquid and oil-based ingredients softgel capsules are typically a better option.

Advantages of Hard Capsules

The appeal of hard capsules stems from a blend of advantages they offer:

  • Precise dosage: They provide an accurate dosage of active ingredients, ensuring consistency in supplement intake.
  • Consumer-friendly: Hard capsules are easy to swallow compared to tablets, and similar to softgels they are tasteless, and odorless, enhancing the consumer experience.
  • Protection of ingredients: They offer a protective shell that shields sensitive ingredients from environmental adversities, preserving their efficacy.

Nicolai Petersen

Types of Hard Capsules

Hard capsules come in various forms to cater to diverse needs:

Gelatin capsules: Traditional capsules made from animal-derived gelatin.

HPMC capsules: Plant-based capsules catering to the vegetarian and vegan market.

Pullulan capsules: Water-soluble polysaccharide capsules derived from fermentation, providing a natural and vegetarian-friendly option with a unique oxygen barrier quality.

Acid-resistant capsules: Engineered to bypass the stomach acid, ensuring targeted release of ingredients.

Silvaco has strong partnerships with the top manufacturers of hard capsules and can supply all types of hard capsules.


Nicolai Petersen