Enhance your food supplements with high-quality softgels.

Softgel Capsules: The Preferred Choice for Dietary Supplements

Softgel capsules, often referred to as softgels, are a popular delivery system for dietary supplements and pharmaceutical substances. Unlike traditional tablets or hard capsules, softgels are hermetically sealed, one-piece capsules that typically contain a liquid or semi-solid fill.

For powders, granules, or pellets hard capsules are typically the preferred choice.

Softgels are the preferred delivery system for omega-3 and other marine oils and have several distinguishing features that attract both consumers and manufacturers.

Easier to swallow

Their smooth, soft texture makes them easier to swallow compared to hard capsules.

Enhanced bioavailability

Softgels enhance the body’s absorption of nutrients, ensuring faster onset of action. Versatility They can accommodate a variety of compounds, filled as a semi-solid, liquid, gel, or paste.

Manufacturing Process of Softgel Capsules

The manufacturing of softgel capsules involves a unique process, wherein the capsule is filled with the active ingredient simultaneously as it is being formed. This single-step process assures the highest level of accuracy and consistency.

Silvaco takes pride in its strong partnerships with top European manufacturers, ensuring a high-standard manufacturing process for softgel capsules. Our collaborative approach with industry experts facilitates the employment of state-of-the-art technologies and adherence to stringent European quality standards throughout the manufacturing journey.


Nicolai Petersen

Enhanced Bioavailability with Softgels

One of the biggest advantages of softgel capsules is their ability to enhance the bioavailability of active ingredients. Bioavailability refers to the extent and rate at which the active ingredient becomes available at the targeted area and the absorption.

Softgel capsules dissolve quickly in the stomach, usually within 20 to 30 minutes. Their rapid dissolution allows for immediate nutrient delivery, leading to quicker onset of action.

Versatility of Softgel Capsules

Manufacturers have the flexibility to customise the shape, size, and color of the softgel capsules. This not only makes the supplements aesthetically pleasing but also helps consumers easily identify different supplements.


Nicolai Petersen