Custom Formulations

We help our clients formulating their perfect food supplements.
The secret sauce is our expertise.

Silvaco – Your Dedicated Partner in Bringing Food Supplement Ideas to Market

In the competitive landscape of the food supplement industry, bringing a product from concept to market is a complex endeavor. Silvaco, with our strong partnerships in the food supplement industry, streamlines this process with a blend of formulation, sourcing, manufacturing, and packaging solutions.


Our journey begins with your idea – whether it’s a new Omega-3 supplement, Vitamin D3 capsules, or complex formulations. We dive into detailed discussions to understand the envisioned product and the desired claims. Our expertise in formulating the product sets the foundation for its market readiness.

Ingredient Sourcing

Silvaco prides itself on its robust network of suppliers and partners, which is integral in sourcing the right ingredients. Although we don’t own production facilities, our strong partnerships with the top European manufacturers ensure the envisioned product is crafted to the highest standards.

Logistical Execution

Logistics is our forte. We meticulously plan and execute the transportation of ingredients to the manufacturing plants, the transition of bulk capsules to packaging facilities, and finally, the delivery of the consumer packs to the agreed destination.

Packaging and Presentation

Our role extends beyond mere logistics. The packaging phase, executed in collaboration with trusted partners, ensures the product is market-ready, both in quality and presentation.

Partnership Beyond Supply

Silvaco is more than a supplier; we are a valuable partner in the journey of bringing a food supplement product to market. Our integrated approach alleviates the complexities, allowing you to focus on your core competencies while we handle the intricacies from product formulation to market delivery.