Empty Capsules

Silvaco is your professional supplier of premium empty capsules.
Fast European delivery from our own warehouse!

Leading European Distributor of Empty Capsules

We carefully search and select the absolute best manufacturers within their respective fields. Silvaco solely cooperate with leading manufacturers of empty capsules specialising in producing consistent and high-quality capsules, which fully complies with legislation for both the dietary supplement and pharmaceutical industries.

We are committed to ensuring that our capsules meet the absolute stringent customer requirements when it comes to both quality and machinability and our empty capsules are compatible with all types of filling machines.

Empty Hard Capsules in Many Variations

Below is an overview of our extensive range of hard capsules which are available in different sizes and colours.

The sizes range from size #000 to size #5 depending on the type of capsules.

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Separated Capsules

Most of our capsules are also available as separated capsules.
Cartons with separated capsules come with two separate inner bags. One for the caps and one for the bodies.


Nicolai Petersen

Colours and Print

Empty hard capsules can be produced in all colours fitted to your individual request.

Printing service such as logo, text or graphics are also an option which can help differentiate and brand your products.

European Stock & Low MOQ

We maintain a standard stock of the most common types and sizes in our temperature and humidity-controlled warehouse in Denmark. Which enables us to quickly deliver capsules to our clients throughout all of Europe. Usual turn-around from order confirmation to order dispatch is less than two days.

Our minimum order quantity of our standard stock is one commercial carton. Depending on the capsule size and whether pre-closed or separated, a carton holds between 50.000 and 350.000 capsules.


Nicolai Petersen