Food Supplements

For more than 3 decades Silvaco has helped produce quality food supplements for leading European health brands.

Silvaco is a leading distributor for softgels and hard capsules from the leading manufacturers in Europe to the Scandinavian and European markets. Our partners have more than 40 years of experience in formulating and manufacturing high quality softgels according to cGMP and HACCP guidelines.

We are experts in formulating custom food supplements and handling the manufacturing and packaging process for our customers. We can also offer food supplements in a wide range of standard formulations at competitive prices and fast delivery.

Softgels vs Hard Capsules

The choice between softgels and hard capsules depends on several factors.

Nature of active ingredients

Soft capsules are ideal for liquid or oil-based ingredients while hard capsules are better suited for dry, powdered ingredients.

Consumer preferences

Softgels are favored for their ease of swallowing and lack of taste or odor, making them a popular choice for consumers who have difficulty swallowing hard capsules or tablets. Hard capsules are popular among consumers that prefer a plant-based alternative.

Visual presentation

Both softgels and hard capsules offer a range of visually appealing options in terms of size and color, enhancing their attractiveness to consumers and allowing for versatile brand representation.

Manufacturing Considerations

The manufacturing of softgels is more complex and typically more costly due to the encapsulation process of liquids or semi-solids. Hard capsules may be a more economical choice due to simpler manufacturing processes and material costs.

At Silvaco, we excel in providing comprehensive guidance to help you make an informed decision tailored to your product’s specifications.