Consumer Packs

We are happy to take care of the final packaging and labeling of your food supplements.

Branded Packaging for Your Food Supplements

Our partnership with you goes beyond the formulation and sourcing of your custom food supplements. At Silvaco, we extend our collaboration to include the critical stage of packaging. We understand that the journey from manufacturing to market-ready product is complex and requires meticulous planning and execution.

Explore Your Packaging Possibilities with Silvaco

Bottles and Jars

Ideal for a classic look and feel, offering solid protection and a substantial presence on any shelf.

Blister Packs

Perfect for dose-specific requirements, providing a barrier against environmental factors, and enhancing the product’s shelf life.

Sachets and Stick Packs

Excellent for single servings, on-the-go convenience, and sample distributions.

Box Packaging

Provides ample space for branding and essential product information, ensuring visibility and consumer appeal.

Packaging Options Tailored to Your Brand

Our coordination services span a variety of packaging options to suit your product’s needs and to resonate with your target audience. Whether you seek the traditional appeal of bottles and jars, the modern convenience of blister packs, the sleek design of stick packs, or the practicality of sachets, we ensure that your supplements are dressed to impress and ready for retail.


Nicolai Petersen

End-to-End Support for Market-Ready Products

Leveraging our network of established European partners, we manage the intricate details of delivering your supplements in consumer packs, reflecting your brand’s image and ethos. Our expertise in production planning and logistics guarantees that your packaging requirements, be they bulk or individual consumer packs, are met with precision and care.

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Let us take the complexity out of packaging logistics. Partner with Silvaco, and experience the convenience of having a single, reliable point of coordination for creating your consumer-ready food supplements.


Nicolai Petersen