Natural Pullulan Capsules

Enhance your pharmaceuticals with our premium natural pullulan capsules.

Revolutionizing Delivery in Health and Pharmaceuticals

Pullulan capsules, derived naturally by fermentation, are making a significant impact in both the food supplement and pharmaceutical industries. Their natural origin and exceptional quality make them ideal for modern pharmaceutical and food supplement applications. These capsules’ neutral taste and odor, coupled with their oxygen-impermeable properties, significantly benefit sensitive pharmaceutical ingredients, protecting them from oxidation.

Key Advantages of Natural Pullulan Capsules

Pullulan capsules offer unique benefits for health-conscious consumers, especially those seeking plant-based and allergen-free products. Known for their digestibility and clear appearance, they enhance product visibility and appeal. In pharmaceuticals, their protective qualities against moisture and oxygen extend the shelf life of medications, making them an ideal choice for encapsulating sensitive ingredients.

The versatility of pullulan capsules extends across a wide spectrum of health products. Their adaptability to different machine types and dosage requirements, along with a variety of sizes, makes them a practical and appealing option for diverse health-related products.

Standard Stock Pullulan Capsules

Our standard stock capsules are available for immediate dispatch from our own warehouse.

Size Units per carton Colors
000 50’000 Transparent
00 70’000 Transparent
0 100’000 Transparent
1 125’000 Transparent

Other variations are available upon request.

Quick Facts

  • Suitable for Vegan and Vegetarian labelled products.
  • Ideal for oxygen sensitive formulations.
  • Crystal clear transparent capsule.
  • Tasteless and odorless.

Partnering with Silvaco for Your Pullulan Capsules

Silvaco offers a diverse range of pullulan capsules suitable for both pharmaceutical and food supplement applications. Our commitment to quality and regulatory compliance ensures high standards, meeting the needs of discerning manufacturers. Partner with us to access capsules that are safe, and reliable.

The Ideal Solution for Pharmaceutical Applications

Pullulan capsules are increasingly popular in the pharmaceutical industry due to their unique properties:

Compatibility with Sensitive Ingredients

Ideal for encapsulating sensitive ingredients, they provide excellent protection against oxygen.

Stability and Durability

Known for stability and durability, ensuring the integrity of the ingredients.

Vegetarian and Allergen-Free

Suitable for vegetarians and allergen-free, important for consumer safety.


Tailorable in terms of size, color, and dosage, offering flexibility for nutraceutical and pharmaceutical companies.